Friday 9th October


In the morning we started off working in our groups to put the finishing touches to our ideas. After this was completed each group had to present their idea to everybody present. There were a lot of new and good ideas during this presentation.

After this we went to the computer room to fill out an evaluation form on the activities and events during the week. Then it was time to tidy up the room and put it back the way it was. All the posters were removed from the walls, the extra chairs and tables put back and all the students and teachers from the visiting countries carefully packed away all the materials they had brought.

After lunch we had sports activities where Mr. Kent and Mr. O’ Suilleabhain brought all the students involved in the Erasmus project out onto the pitches and basketball court for sport. This was an enjoyable time as after a long week of work it was good to relax.

That night we had a farewell dinner in the school for the teachers and students involved the project. There was dinner and desert and each student and teacher was presented with a certificate of participation. Mr. Madden, Ms. Clinton and Mr. McDonagh presented the certificates. After that everybody went home as all the visiting students had to be back at the school at 9am to be brought to the airport.

The week passed very quickly and everybody was very busy. I really enjoyed it and I hope to travel to Germany in March next year.

Shane Hickey TY 2



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