Wednesday 18th March

We started off the day in our project groups working to develop our ideas further. My group are working on wearable electronics and so far we have had a lot of good ideas for projects.

We then gathered in the school library to see a very inspirational presentation from the founder of hello 3D printing world ( He showed us the process of setting up the printers, what they can do and how they work. He passed around several objects that he had made using a 3D printer and they were extraordinary.

After lunch we travelled by bus to Braga to visit the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), where we got a guided tour to their state of the art labs ( He showed us all the equipment the labs used and told us what they were for. We saw lots of new and innovative equipment, which was all very expensive. The “small” electron microscope cost 1.9million euro and the larger electron microscope cost 2.5million euro.

INL are very confident their business will continue to grow and expand. The building can hold 400 employees although at the minute they only have 120 employees.

Another very enjoyable and busy day in Barcelos!!

By: Euan Reid

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