Wednesday 9th March 2016

We travelled to Bremen by bus, leaving the school at 8.10am. Our first stop was the University of Bremen and Mapex. We were welcomed to the University and told about the work and research that is being carried out there. We were then divided into groups and each group was given a tour of the different labs and the work they are carrying out. This included Precision and optics manufacturing, how to build an airplane out of plastic and Steel: Constructing the future. My group were shown the work using lasers. We then created a poster of what we had learned before going for lunch. After lunch we presented what we had learned in our groups to the other groups. We then went into Bremen and went on a tour of the city and did some shopping. We were back at the school at 7pm. A group of us then went Jan Malte’s house to watch Chelsea play PSG in the Champions league. A great day was had.

Ciaran McCann TY1

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