Monday October 5th 2015

On Monday morning at 9am the students got to school and met in rooms 29 & 30. Soon after the meeting we started a team building exercise which involved students being split up into groups and working together to form a bridge made of newspaper capable of holding a stone and a 5L drum. The bridge was built to the requirements on a sheet. Groups needed good communications and a good strategy to complete the task. After this we had a tea break.

After tea break, students then had to present the work they had been doing related to Erasmus + project “Matters of Matter”. Some groups had some very good presentations such as “Cardiac Control” and “Out of Bounds” (see the project website for further details). Students learnt off other groups ideas and managed to improve their own projects. Another break followed the presentations and then students prepared their stands for the open night on Tuesday 7th October.

After a tiring days work it was time to relax and we made our way to the D Hotel where we watched Irish Dancing and Traditional Irish Singing. At the end of the night everyone got involved and danced together in a big group to perform the Siege of Ennis dance. I think the true meaning of the word “craic” was learnt by all that night.

Written by Ryan Sands TY2