Monday 6th March 2017

After a very cultural and entertaining weekend with the host families, it was time to get to work in IIS Cavazzi Sorbelli. We were brought in and given a warm welcome in the main hall by the Italian students and teachers and school principal. To begin the day we were broken into groups, which contained Irish, German, Italian and Portuguese students. We were given name tags which had an individual picture depicting elements of scientific characteristics. Our task was to identify what was depicted in each name tag. After that each country presented the work they had carried out to date on the project area in their own country. It was then time for lunch and where students bonded and friendships blossomed. We were then brought to the labs and introduced to various different science experiments. We then took part in a Webinar interview with the minds behind Power Film Solar, which was packed with information and very interesting. At the end of the day we were again challenged as groups in more experiments, which were enjoyed by all. Overall, Monday was a wonderful introduction to the week.

Ciaran Brennan TY 3