Monday 7th March 2016

We arrived at the school at 8.10am, which is 7.10am Irish time. We went to the auditorium and were welcomed to the school by the principal and the German coordinator of the project. We were then divided into groups and given a tour of the school by the German students. After a short break we started the icebreaking activities. We were divided into different groups, and each group had to make a paper boat. The only materials we could use were 3 pieces of A4 paper and a small roll of sellotape and waterproofed by spraying it with a water repellent spray. It was then placed in a container of water and marbles were added. The winner was the boat that could fit the most marbles in it without sinking. The winning boat fitted 232 marbles in it. After lunch we went to the Meyer ship yard in Papenburg. Their new ship, “ovation of the seas”, was completed and due for launch this Friday. We got a tour of the yard and shown how all the components of the ship are made. We then went back to the school and were collected by the host families.

Finn Madden TY2

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