Tuesday 8th March 2016

We met in the auditorium at 8.10am and students from each country had time to talk to their friends and teachers from their own country before work began for the day. The day started by each country playing the video presentations that they had recorded before they left for Germany. We had 5 videos, each one focusing on a different area in the project. The videos were very interesting. After this the German teachers put on a science show. A lot of excellent experiments were demonstrated at it. After this we were out into working groups and given new smart materials. These working groups had different materials including Newtonian Fluids, Superabsorbers, Ferrofluids, Hydrophobic Surfaces, Superinsulators, Conductive Paint, Memory Metals, Flourescence, Supercolling and Latent Heat Storage. My group are working with Conductive paint and we have to design and create a prototype for our own science show on Friday morning.

Zach Keller, TY1

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