Thursday 8th October

The day started off with a presentation by Mr. McDonagh on behalf of a company called Smarter Surfaces. They are an Irish company based in Dublin and employ 22 people. They were only set up in 2012. In the presentation we learned what products the company sell and how to use them. The company gave lots of materials to the school for us to use. We started off by going outside and painting small timber boards with smart primer paint. These boards will be covered with smart paint in a week’s time and we will be able to use them in class as small whiteboards, and write on them using ordinary whiteboard markers. After this there was a logo contest, where each country had to design a new logo for the company. This was done using their smart whiteboard sheets which stick to surfaces and act as a whiteboard. After a vote the Italian design won and they received a full paint kit from smarter surfaces for their school. After lunch we were put into working groups. These groups were working on new ideas from what had been learned during the week or expanding on their original ideas that they brought to Ireland. On Thursday evening we had a free evening where no events were planned and we could rest.
Joshua Reilly TY 2


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