MoM @ Didacta Italia

October 9, 2017 - Uncategorized
MoM @ Didacta Italia

MoM project at Didacta Italia 2017. In the context of the taechers seminar organized by  Scientix and  Indire, one of the activities developed within MoM project was presented in a 1 hour hands-on workshop: Home labs &flipped Physics with  Arduino and low cost sensors.

Scientix  is  the  European platform for Science teachers ( Together with professional development for teachers  and a huge archive of all Science education projects completed so far , both european and national (but all supported by public fun)  Scientix  is first of all a teachers’ community operating also through its ambassadors who are committed to the project disseminationa and to Science education innovation in general. MoM overnational coordinators is one of them.

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