MoM Final Exhibition @Ducal Palace Pavullo

October 9, 2017 - Dissemination
MoM Final Exhibition @Ducal Palace Pavullo

From 16th September to 15th October 2017@ Palazzo Ducale in Pavullo (IT) took place the final exhibition of MoM-Mattersof Matter.

The exhibition was designed by MoM students during the previous school year and part of it was already on show at BergamoScienza 2016 (See post).

The vernissage took place during the EU mobility week in Pavullo  with a focus on materials for a sustaineable  society.

MoM pupils set up the exhibition and acted as guides for classes and general public during the weekends. As part of the dissemination  younger pupils in the third year were instructed as additional guides.

More than 32 classes (700 pupils ) from the neighbouring schools  attended the exhibition.  More people visited during the weekends.