Students from IIS Cavazzi-Sorbelli at Rome Maker Faire

January 8, 2017 - Uncategorized
Students from IIS Cavazzi-Sorbelli at Rome Maker Faire

On 14th -16th October took place the fourth edition of Maker Faire Rome European Edition: an international event visited each year by a wide variety of public from beginners to engineers. Based on innovation and DIY culture, the Makers Faire mixes science, technology, entertainment and business.
Four students from the liceo scientifico section of IIS Cavazzi-Sorbelli in Pavullo have been selected to partecipate with their project Save – concentration photovoltaic lamp. Save was carried out within the European project Erasmus+ MoM- Matters of matter( focusing on new technologies and smart materials and actually coordinated by IIS Cavazzi.
The team designed a lamp that uses an acrylic fluorescent sheet to concentrate solar light on photovoltaic cells to recharge a battery which powers a LED strip. The battery is recharged during the day while, at night, thanks to a servomotor controlled by Arduino, the LED strip takes the place of the photovoltaic cells shining and diffusing light through the sheet and concentrating it on the extremities with an amazing design effect. The device however may just be used as a battery charger powered by sun.
During the Makers Faire the students interacted with university students, businessmen, experts and even simple enthusiasts, all of them showing great interest both in the material (unknown to the  majority) and in the eco-lamp design.

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